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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
warmer clothes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


aki sude ni,
samui koshyoku de

autumn already – glazed in a cold coat

ps: my 先生 kindly suggested me that the expression and the following
tense KIKOMU/WEAR hasn't the flexion form 「着込まれた」 KIKOMARETA,
and gave me the right and mostly used one, KIKONDA 「着込んだや」,
saying that the "grammatical untied" images of the ku, even in its
new writing, are anyway pretty but very "surrealistic"...I enjoyed
lots her so classic comparison with the famous "la rencontre fortuite
sur une table de dissection d'une machine à coudre et d'un parapluie"...:


aki sude ni,
samui koshyoku de
kikonda ka

Current Music: nikolaj rimsky-korsakov, "sheherazade"

It IS a cold picture ... those waves feel icy! The word "glazed" is an interesting choice, I like it :-)

thanks, origa様: it's exactely what I was feeling like
last evening, while walking along "my" beach...the real
word that came to my mind was the italian PATINA, which
correctly means the opaque layer covering old things:
I chose "coat" as a layer is also said COATING, so that
the idea of a real but natural garment sheltering someone
would suit better that image I had in my mind and eyes,
an autumn appearing like a middle aged man, dressed in
his old trenchcoat and slowly walking along the shore...

Yes I know what patina is, the word is widely used here, too :-) The picture you've described, was exactly what I'd seen with my inner vision ...

autumn is strongly filling all of us in this strange year,
origa様....giving us all a thoughtful, weary PATINA, ne?

Maybe ... I can't exactly say that I feel like that :-)

Achingly beautiful.
And lonely...

thanks and welcome, once again , dear
valeria様: yes, achingly...and lonely.

Many-many thanks, Kamome-sama!
I'll be there to enjoy your art. Thank you for English translations and detailed explanations - they are indispensable. On the top of emotions and pleasure everything altogether is a good lesson for me.
Wishing you strong wings! Always.

grazie, valeria...e BUON VENTO a te.

Kamome-sama, my Italian is a little rusty, to put it mildly.
Still, I have a feeling that BUON VENTE means TAIL-WIND.

literally, "good wind"...yes, HAVE FAIR WINDS - it is, in italian,
the most ancient wish that all sailing people use as a greeting,
or when they leave, or whenever else quitting or wishing good
each other...and I like to use of it, as winged being accustomed
to fight or be mate with every wind...so, I will say once more

I like it - BUON VENTO... And the aura of the word, too. Thank you! How about Russian - POPUTNOGO VETRA! ВСЕГДА.

oh well - as you can see, I happen to manage...ehehmmm..."some"
languages, but unfortunately I also happened not to meet or like
some others: I don't know why...for instance, I'd be very pleased
to read lots of classics in russian and german, but these two,
like several eastern others (chinese, for instance 2) have
always kept me far, I cannot say now all the reasons for.
I like the idea of AURA, anyway...very many thanks!

Ya, some words definitely have auras.
Words can reverberate with all kinds of potentials (of course, it's the mind that reads them), or can be flat and lifeless... which is not their fault, in some cases. :о))

Languages are all interesting, but some are definitely more attractive than the others.

Now I like very much this ensemble of haiku and photo! It was very intereesting and bravely to comare patina and icy coat. The spirit of SABI is feeled here...

so very glad to hear that - yes, you're right..."wabi/sabi"
is really so a hard track for a western one to fly along!

Beautiful image, your haiku turns it in a strong direction touching on the cold feelings of the fading summer ... ~P

thanks, choshi様...although the "thing" sounds some
too much personal: you see, I silently agreed with
origa様, a few comments above, when she reminded me
that not everybody does necessarily feel "like that",
facing a new season of year's and his/her mirror...
and I appreciated lots her winkle, as well as I do
appreciate her ALLEGRIA - forgive me the italian,
but this word sounds so splendidly similar to origa!