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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
the net

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


matsu eda ni
kinu kumonosu wa,
tsuki he dan.

on a pinetree branch, silky spider’s net - step to the moon.

(I have some corrections: the kanji for "pinetree" was wrong,
for once not my fault but IME typing the previous one in its
kanji omophones list - and the kanji for "step", which can be
read DAN sounds in a "not-poetic" as KIZAHASHI, although it
will be read as well DAN herein...the form as well, but whose
meaning doesn't change so much in this zumi先生's new version:


matsu no e ni
kinu no kumonosu,
tsuki no dan. )

Current Music: "moonlight serenade", glenn miller's orchestra

excellent photo haiga! beautiful verse :) your work would also be great for SimplyHaiku.com look up Editor Jerry Dreesen and email him if you are interested. tell him i sent you :) bette (b'oki)

too kind of you, oki様...but I'm a very shy one, I do sincerely
not like (I wouldn't even be able) to "introduce myself by myself",
more than all if, by doing that, I would have to pretend that my
work is "nice"...I usually am very thankful to all my friends who
honour me by saying they like and enjoy my things, but I'm surprised
as well - and far more - when I happen to be met and said the same
by "friends of friends, been told by friends" and so on...
...thanks once more, for being here and for your kindest words.


dear gabbiano,
you are a kind and humble person :) forgive me if i've been too forward! i appreciate beautiful art and believe it should be appreciated by the world. i respect your time and our new friendship. perhaps if you don't mind, i could send the Editor your LJ address? but only if you are comfortable, i do not want to be pushy :) btw...i use to be the Traditional Editor at Simply Haiku. i just resigned in May. so i would have been honored myself to have featured your art, dear friend!

oh, what a too big compliment - maybe I could
learn humbleness along this flying life!...I also
admit I am very embarrassed, as that would be so
very kind from you: I only hope I will be able to
offer something valuable, and I have no problems
to share already "public" things, or even something
I haven't dared to show yet...you know, I'm here by
mere chance, thanks to a friend, and I do not know
myself how I began posting and why did I go on...but
thank you indeed: my LJ address is alive for others
to meet me, at last, so I should learn to think such
a way, and get accustomed to...

Excellent spider web photo, Kamome. And I love the way you went from the spider web in the pine tree to the moon!

welcome, kwangjse様...as you will surely notice, rambling
around these pages, the step from a pinetree to a moonsword
is shorter and easier than we all may suppose...thank you.

silky threads woven
beneath the glowing moonlight
late August night

the picture is simply spectacular!

thank you, but only the three lines are mine:
I thought the same when I saw this first...
...your lines are so "dense" and summery!

the spider listens
in trembling of the cobweb -
voices of stars

so very pretty image, dear irisha様:
many thanks for posting it here!

Konnichiwa, Kamome sama :-)

I am late to this, but I wanted to say that the photo is spectacular, and the ku fits it nicely!

thank you, dear origa様: I just
deserve the second compliment...

Stairs to the moon! It's really stairs - this spider's net. Fantastic idea!

thank you, taysha様...I thought I would enjoy so
much such a beautiful climb, if I had no wings...

bravo, Kamome!!!)))

welcome back, fifi様: I hope you enjoyed lots your holiday
week...and very kind of you - that "bravo" is too much tho!