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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
fare thee well

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natsu owaru
kiri no ki ni

summer ends, without a farewell glance – on a misty railtrack

a sad day with no words, neither lights or colours...like other
far ones, coming now to the surface on the sea of my memories.

(...poor me, "miosame" sounds in japanese as looking at someone/something as a
very last farewell glance before dieing - and the most common for "track" is not
my KI, but usually REERU, "rail", or some alike - so I'm adding corrections here:


natsu owaru・kiri no tetsuro ni・hitoshirezu

where the sense is maybe even clearer, as the right meaning of that"hitoshirezu"
is "while nobody had noticed how summer was leaving"...oh, I do always like and
appreciate SO much the sensibility and "taste" of zumi先生...thanks lots for this!)

Current Music: toquinho, ornella vanoni, vinicius, "signal fechado"

dear friend,
i believe i have seen your posts at Cranehaven. i have friended you and i hope that is ok. i enjoy your most beautiful writing and calligraphy. i too am a calligrapher and poet. someday soon i want to learn Japanese. bette from Kentucky.

naturally ok, and I have done the same with you, bette/oki様!
be and feel the welcome to my poor pages - very many thanks for
the undeserved compliments: I'm no more than a goofy student,
both in japanese and shodou - and POET is such a big word to
spend for me, same as for my microthoughts in form of FOLIA...

aren't we all poets at heart? :) we all search at different levels of the folia :)