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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
the refugee

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


dosyaburi no
nanmin sou da
hachigatsu wa

under this flood, august looks like a refugee

and so do I, who seem not to have anywhere to go, neither any more sense of limit
today, as I ramble among inks and words: but I swear, I’ve only written these two!

as usual, thanks to ずみ先生, here are the corrections - not many, I need to say,
paying a microcompliment to myself: the most important is a formal/grammar one,
to make clear how "august" is the "refugee", and the subject of the haiku
(although it will cost one more syllable in the second line):

dosyaburi ni・nanmin no you da・hachigatsu wa

Current Music: bernstein's "maria", under a pouring rain

I love this, even though I can't explain why.

I would love it to rain so that the whole city is soaked to the bones... smell of wet earth, leaves, grass - it's a shame it doesn't rain in the summer in my country.

oh well, my dear...it's a shame IT DOES, here! I am so very pleased
and honored that you like my folio, but I cannot say I am as well by
this horrid sunset...you know, mushi様, like a true lizard (or a very
grumpy gull after one more cold wet tiring winter) I begin to feel truly
alive starting from the first 27/28°C day of the year, and I do literally
HATE whatever may pour from sky, which is heavier than a light
blue fresh and SHORTEST shower......!

as you know, mushi様, I can't read russian...but I've just now read
one of your most recent entries, about hard rains, crying carwindows
and yellow flowers (I hope my "translator/traitor"'s version is
respectful of your text!) and I need to say that, while she was
sitting here beside me at my pc and reading for me, I began to
think "I like her style, but I like and feel more the inner sense
of what she's saying...why does she post that here? I wouldn't say
of myself in such a way".....
.....oh well, I know the objection: I'm so little "italian" that I
can be easily said (and I'm so often!) too much "japanese", so that
the expression of my inner life is some different - but I liked the
way you painted through those lines the same mood you're talking of
here in this last post....am I wrong if I say it's the same rain?

It's amazing - you've actually read it!

I've been thinking of autumn rains for a couple days now, as I'm longing for the autumn to come. Same rain... yes, it must be, because for me it's always the same rain, whether in the spring or in the autumn.

...I cannot reply to this, as I would easily risk to say wrong
or "all-mine" words, mushi様...but please allow me at least to
gift you this haiku I wrote last springtime, and which I don't
even remember if I have already posted anywhere 'round my LJ...


haru ame no・kazoekirenai・gin no shizuku 
the countless silver drops of a spring rain

...now, for a few seconds I will steal you, please just do concentrate
your attention, your thoughts, your eyes of a visual artist and your
beautiful heart on that "gin/silver" and its countless NUANCES...

And so do I, Kamome -- rambling among pictures and words, taking a break from the LJ activity, enjoying the last days of summer ...

The image of August-refugee is striking! Lovely calligraphy, indeed! :-)

thank you, origa様, always so kind to me...it is nice to know
how someone's flooded by the same stuff as I am - that is the
only place I can enjoy, in this upsetting august march-looking,
"capriccioso" and bad weathered - many thanks: coming from you,
and after such experiences in shodou with such a sensei, this
sounds a truly big appreciation to my unexperienced hands...