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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
bound nowhere

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I’m posting this folio as I am unpolitely, unfairly, totally sure that it is one of the best 書道
I have ever happened to brush…so whom should I show it to, if not to my dear 俳句人御友達皆様?


natsu hana no
ukidokoro naku
kaze ni tobi

summer flower, flying in the wind – not knowing where to float

as always, I’m sure this will need lots corrections…but there’s one I myself can see:
I occurred to write “kaze no tobu”, whereas it was perhaps correct the “tobi” tense
form…ah, why isn’t my nihongo better? I know I need to apply lots more in studying…

a few lines to Zumi Sensei...I chose "ukidokoro" right because I was meant to say
"don't knowing where to FLOAT": I appreciate lots, and like lots as well, the second
line that Sensei suggested, "yukue mo shirazu/not knowing where to GO", and I'm sure
I will use of it in some next-to-come essay in haiku...and I need to say as well how much
did I appreciate (far, far more than lots!) my Sensei's compliment to the haiku above:
"...no grammar mistakes at all , bravo gabbiano san..."  御蔭様で、先生。

Current Music: tofu, "the shadow remains"

Beautiful calligraphy, Kamome! Is it the haiku above painted in this folio? It has a very distinct Japanese flavor, I can tell :-) I think any Japanese editor (and some English speaking ones, too) will love this! (wink, wink)

May I show you one of the haiku rendered by Kaji Aso, a Japanese artist, calligrapher, poet, and singer -- it's here (scroll down to the last photo):
I also have one of his calligraphy (my haiku painted) hanging on the wall in my house -- wonderful memory! Some day (hopefully) I'll do something like that... my dream :-) How long have you been mastering calligraphy to this level?

Thanks for posting this inspiring 書道! :-)

yes, it is, origa様...always so kind of you, but please do
not allow me by such compliments to feel the "master" that
I am not...I'm only trying to get as near to 書道 as I am
to western calligraphies: I'm a "scribe", do you remember?
and many thanks for the link, I'll visit and try to learn the
maximum I can...I know, my words do often appear as a
bad attitude of "falsa modestia": I deeply hope my hard
efforts to realise something valuable will help me to
cancel this unpleasant idea and image of myself...

I don't see any "bad attitude", or unpleasant ideas -- come on, Kamome, we all know our "values"! :-) There is nothing wrong with being self-confident in something ... And we are constantly learning, so it is just fine! :-)

"Master" a person may become after death, if the descendants will decide so :-)))))

oh well...so it's better to be called that way by contemporaries!
but allow me as well to wish you so a longest life as to become
my "descendant", and burn incense and have cha in my memory!...
I'll be then so delighted that I'll ask to become a kami in your
splendid zen garden, and you'll name that beautiful rock over
there 「かもめの巣の岩」, the "kamome nest's rock"... ;D

Agreed :-))))

I like the mood of this haiku - it's like our life: "where to go, what to choose"?

a burdock fluff -
now my feet can't prompt you
where to go

Only this summer I found out that big white fluff-flakes, so charming me from childhood, are the fluffs of thorny bur, so often clutchin at my legs and my dog's hair.

yes, taysha様, and lovely your lines - I, too, am jealously keeping
the line I was suggested by my 先生, to say at best my own "where to?"
in some next haiku...those "fluff flakes", did you mean dandelions?