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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
hommage à nakamura kusatao

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I feel obliged, since a long time, to pay a due "hommage à" nakamura kusatao 先生 (1901-1983,
from 1933 collaborator to masaoka shiki 先生's review "hototogitsu" of modern japanese poetry)
whose haiku about seagulls I dared write by my hand…I hope it may be appreciated:


fuyu umi ya
rakka no gotoku
kamome uku

winter sea – the seagulls float, fallen petals

Current Music: a strange flute wintering in my head

Yes, wonderful haiku.

...I knew you would enjoy this the very first, irisha様...

The idea are exellent! Only the word "like" looks... not very haikly. May be try to veil the comparison?

I thought the same, not much "haiku-like": the text itself
(although nihongo, as you know, is differently structured)
doesn't actually show any comparison tie...well, ready done!


Dear Kamome,

In this gracious company of bright and gifted people reading your journal / sharing their thoughts in comments, I seem to be the only one who doesn’t really have a thing for Japanese poetry. It’s the visual part that excites me most, and today’s one looks very special. I am saving it to my gallery.

I am sorry! Previous comment is mine :)

so very kind of you, my dear....although words can hit all of us,
beyond the spoken language and the "skills" in writing - but I feel
deeply honored as well as I know how talented YOU are with visual
art: so very many thanks, I must have done something truly special!