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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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one older folio, a vellum where I tried years ago to illustrate (well, I know, in some too
“western, cartoonish, childishly funny” way!…) what WINGSWORDS is: even so pretentious,
my first essays in nihongo, so that the writing is wrong: I tried to write something with
the two similar kanji for “water” and “eternity”, as I didn’t know that the second one,
「永」 is correctly written this way 「永遠」...I also hope that this post won't increase
the image of some "personality cult", as I am appearing so very often - yes, there's too
much "myself" here in these pages, I'm afraid...anyway, the four golden banners say:

tsuki no ha・kamome no tsubasa・ei(en) no mizu
sword of moon・seagull’s wings・water of eternity

Current Music: the sound of universe

thanks as usual for too big compliments, irisha様...the stars
you like so much are not painted but silver gilded, that is,
a smallest piece of silver leaf laid and glued to a "gesso"
underground, one by one...but, oh dear!, the sentence you
have just added sounds so a FINAL JUDGEMENT alike!...

...although I myself always say I love the "rigourous" side
of japanese soul, which I sometimes happento find into my
mind and behave...I need to come back and re-read, as you
have re-looked, to mumble more and "mature" these words...