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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
roots, roots, roots

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

軽い いかりを 

dokoka nite
karui ikari wo

somewhere like that, I’d like to drop my light anchor

I have nothing to add…just hope it is correctly written in nihongo...

(well it was a fallen hope, and here are corrections:


karui ikari
konna tokoro ni

I had to take away the 「を」 "o", in order to keep in some way the metric,
so that, in the attempt to "personalize" haiku by making the anchor subject,
I had to "shelter" once again under my usual "trick" of the comma - which gives
this uncertain sensation about the subject of this expressed desire, and keeps
the right measure...once more, I'll leave the original haiga as it was done first)

Current Music: vinicius de moraes & tom jobim, "corcovado"

Gorgeous scene, Kamome sama -- the sunset outlines the anchor beautifully ... Is it a pier? And is the anchor a real thing, or some kind of a decoration? The kanji fit so perfectly in this picture! I wish I could use kanji in my haiga, too! :-) Very, very lovely!

it's a real one, I suppose...and a peaceful pier
for my dreams to lean on, my thoughtful origa様...

Dear Камоме sama, you do not cease to surprise!
Very beautifully...

The anchor as a symbol of hope?..

the anchor would like to become a symbol of good,
calm, easy rest, my sweetest irisha様...thank you.

The anchor is a symbol of hope and reliability for me...
And still it is a symbol of success which begins with " the strengthened position " :))
But, when I look at an anchor I see brigs and the caravels floating on the seas... and salted eyes of old seamen, sitting next on coast with the anchors and hours looking at horizon...

day after day --
I sit on sand
listening to fairy-tales of the sea

Enchanting! Is it dusk or dawn?

thanks, summerki様, and welcome back: it's dusk,
but I need to say that, although I can everytime
take such photos just by leaning out my window,
I happen to take advantage of some pics I find
around, as they often are better than the ones
I could ever take - and I'm afraid that they truly
deserve TOTALLY most of all the kindest compliments
I'm receiving here on LJ...but only hands are mine.

It's fine, Kamome! A contrasting picture and clear desire.

sorting flower seeds;
sun slowly falls
into the ground...

many thanks, dearest taysha様, also for these beautiful, deep
lines reaching my shores from your nice garden of flowery words.

this summer i visited South Italy (mostly Pizzo and Taranto) taking same shoots into my afterglows...
is it there? you have specified Italy in your info but you live with other languages :)

p.s. this is not a smiley but my smile for friends
thank you

I live with many "languages", diev様...welcome to my LJ pages:
I'm from Amalfi, so that I was obliged by geography to write
that "italy" - but I do firmly feel (and think far more correct,
even historically) as to say, with a better and more real expression,
that "my nest is the heart of mediterranean"...which suits very well
to me and my People. thanks for your friendly smiling smiley, I'll
wait for you again and more.