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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
a funny sumi-e

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


samazama ni
ha o tobaseru ya
umi no ue

how many times, oh, I fly my swords over this sea

I want to thank origa様, and apologise as well for allowing myself, after seeing
her last page, the temptation of a sumi-e, which I seem to be absolutely unable at:
only now I see I even forgot to write the 「や」, when brushing this funny "cartoon"...

...whose final and correct form is here:

いくたび か!

umi no ue
katana o tobasu
ikutabi ka!

and where the final "ka" stays for exclamation of wonder, not as a questionmark.

Current Music: 海の歌 (umi no uta), the song of sea
Greetings from Japan

Hi Kamome san,
finally I find your comments. The layout on my monitor is so strange, ...

Anyway, thanks for visiting the Daruma Museum.
If you find time, check in at my private haiku gallery.

And visit the World Kigo Database.

If I find time to introduce the Seagull, I will think of you and quote your BLOG!!!

Just did it here:

See you later !! Your photos are really a special treat!!

Gabi from Japan
Daruma Museum

Re: Greetings from Japan


What a surprise, Kamome sama! :-) Wow, a sumi-e in sepia! So romantic and fresh view at the sword, and the sea!!! The man loooks almost like you, is it your self-portrait? :-))) I like your painting very much, how wonderful that you started to paint sumi-e! (Is the sepia tone done in Photoshop?)

And -- I am so happy that you and Gabi san have met! :-)))) I think you will have a lot of fun in the Happy Haiku, and in the World Kigo project! :-) Good luck with your journey! :-)))))

thanks lots to you, origa様, and thanks again for
introducing me to Gabi様...
...oh, no, my dear friend, this one is my FIRST
essay at all in sumi-e, and the sepia is one of my
inks, on my papers, and with my ugly face on...as
you know, I'm a total goofy in managing with a PC!

Interesting about the ink -- what kind of ink is it? And the paper -- is it brown color, too?

I am also same goofy with PC, I try to learn a little, but it seems to take a lot of time, so I know very little! :-))))

this time, I prepared the sepia on a basic red Waterman
with olive cenders and eggyellow, some little arabic gum
and distilled water...the background paper is Fabriano
"firenze" classic, the sheet is Amalfi handmade thick
paper (about 1,5 mm) done only with 100%silk and cotton:
as you see, I too am taken LOTS of time, even off a pc! ;D

You make the ink yourself?! Wow! I buy it the in oriental art supply stores ...

The sea is the best doctor...
The sea immerses you invariable in a condition of pleasure and dissolution in this world...

You are the lucky beggar, Камоме sama. :)

And swords are not ill, they doze, expecting their hour...

wings like swords, to cut all winds and thoughts: my first katana
is called 「風切る」 (kazekiru),"windcutter"; the second one is
「月の波」 (tsuki no nami),"moon's wave"; I was gifted the third,
still a "shirasaya" (which is a sword just laying in a rose's wooden
"saya", not yet mounted with my "koshirae", my finishing items and
symbols/colors) by a friend on her birthday, replying to my gift of
a parchment...my friend's name is Rose too, so the shirasaya was
named 「花の誕生」 (hana no tanjou), "birth of the flower".

That you speak, is very interesting to me, dear Kamome.
"Windcutter", "moon's wave", "birth of the flower" - names, worthy poems.
I would like to look at them :) It is possible to see their photo? :)

yes, one day...I will take a photo and post - but I need
words to be tied to these parts of my body: like wings,
swords are arms to fly with, hands to touch world and soul,
so I would like to spend some lines to introduce them well...

Well, to expect fine not less magic feeling... :)