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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
声 ・ voice

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

just an old pencil sketch done longtime ago and "hypersigned", too many stamps...but
I thought it would be fair to post it here, as the central kanji (KOE) means "voice":
I hope that all haijin and friends on LJ will accept this as my heartly "hommage à".

Current Music: "with a little help from my friends"

Nice scetch, Kamome sama! Is it your calligraphy, too? What exactly does it say? :-)

the wingspan
keeping their distance --
two seagulls


ciao, origa様...thanks, your three lines is so beautiful
as well! oh, this one is just an old thing that I could
easily do, as I have (and I mean EXACTELY that) out of my
window one whole family of "nomad gulls": they come till
the town early morning and fly back to the coast at about
17.00hr every day...I will send you some amazing pics if
I'll be allowed to have, for instance, your @box address.

and, yes, it's my hand who wrote: 声, "koe/voice", while
the other line is かもめ "kamome/seagull", which is also
the meaning (but this one sounds "ou" in ON spelling) of
my first engraved seal, 鴎 - I did them myself in stone:
the second one is a Malta cross, symbol of Amalfi, and
the third shows a seal of both my families (which are,
ehmm...some ancient, and keeping traditionally recurrent
first names since before the middle ages) with the letters

I will profit of this post to add one thing I've been asked
by many friends: the "signature" on haiga actually says
かもめの筆(は書いた)= "kamome no fude(ha kaita)", meaning
"the brush of kamome (wrote)": an ancient way to sign that
I've been taught by another precious japanese friend of mine,
雪様 (yuki/snow), to whom I also like to address now my heartly
deepest "CIAO, 元気でね!"

That's good to know -- I should also find out what would be the similar way to sign my work, and make another seal like yours :-) Thanks for telling this!

The good figure. Thanks, Камоме sama.
And you is the interesting artist.

Very similar clouds soared over me yesterday .

a wings of clouds
protect my footsteps - -
a seagulls in the sky

very kind of you, irisha様, your three lines are
a real mutual "blessing": strong wings spreading
to protect the Human, sympathetic eyes offering
their good omen to the flying Being...thank you.