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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
burning the night

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


rousoku ha
hi o miru no tame
juubun desu

a candle – enough to see the morning.

days after, a correction, without changing the image as well:
this time, I sincerely don't know how "correct" will my new
version be, after the suggestions by ずみ先生...and I hope this
one won't be too wrong, by a strict grammar point of view:


juubun da
asa o miru no tame
rousoku wa

Current Music: chopin, nocturne # 9

That's what I am doing right now, Kamome sama -- the morning is beginning, and I am watching the gray before-the-rain sunrise :-) Fascinating view in your photo! How can you do such a sharp picture of a flame? So simple, silent, yet eloquent ...

work is done --
I light a candle
to see the sunrise


and fascinating words in your three lines, my sweetest friend.

through the shut eyes morning fills me with joy

Very good! So short and exactly - everything is seen at once. And I remember the weel-known story about Diogen, who was looking for a man with a fire in broad daylight.

it is dawning
but night stays under the trees;
I blow out my thirty candles
and light with pine - one...

(There is a custom to light candle in honour of the deads...)

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nice line and image, fifi様, and both you, too, please feel
always free to speak about yourselves herein - well, even if
I would prefer all that in a language I may easierly understand...

j'ai conseille a Natasha de changer quelques mots etc., mais je ne saurais pas helas le dire en anglais(((( pardon))))

Как хорошо Вы сказали, Наташа.
У Вас удивительный дар - всё понимать.

As well you have told, Natasha.
At you surprising gift - all to understand.

Thank you, Irisha, for your kind words!
Thehe was a mistake in English version of this poem. Now it looks so:

it is dawning
but night stays under the trees;
I blew out gaily thirty candles
and today I light with pain - one...

Dear Kamome, ecxuse us, please, that we speak here about my poem!

Thanks, Kamome sama. As always it is fine!

Together I light one candle, when one - two.

Вдвоем зажигаю одну свечу, когда одна - две.

I like this thought, my overdear "light-eyed-irisha-様"...and
the second candle (wouldn't you believe?!?) was already there
waiting for being GIVEN FIRE AND LIFE....