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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
water(NO)colour gull

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


yori atsui
ashita ni kaeru
taiyou wa

sun will be back tomorrow , warmer.

some days later - I won't touch the image, too a hard work to change
it once again, but I post here the corrections, thanks to ずみ先生:


asu taiyou wa
yori atsui

Current Music: "here comes the sun" (hommage à fifi sama & choshi sama)

Certainly, will return.

...following the shine of your smiling glittering eyes, irisha様...

It`s not difficult. :)
The main thing - "Behind clouds the sun. Remember it in the cloudiest day. Stretch hands to the sun".

Wow!!! What a stunning picture, Kamome sama! So much feelings in the seagull's pose, and even without the poem, it's clear she is looking for something in the far distance ... All the shades of gray and white speak for themselves, the golden brown adds drama to the whole atmosphere of this picture. I can't find the right words to express my feelings, the strongest of which is the feeling of loneliness this pictire evokes ... Placing the text in Japanese whithing the field of the painting is a lovely touch, also. Thank you for this! :-)

I can only agree with Olechka))))

I'll reply to you both, together, as I happened to learn
by the two of you that in a russian mind a "čajka" is female... ;D
it feels so strange to me hearing that "she", and sincerely I am
embarrassed as well to say once again no more than a simple "thanks"
after so nice compliments - but I'm so very glad that you enjoy
these childish, "schoolgirl's journal" like, light little pieces...

A good combination of the picture and the haiku - they excellently supplement each other.

thanks for both compliments to my simple work and kindness
in translating your beautiful one, taysha様 : it is true,
I too happen so often,not to remember whether one text is
mine, or it comes to my memory from who-knows-where-far!
I also want to compliment tenguu様 - and it is so true that
you both "respond" to each other, your "hands" are very
alike and walk together so fluidly...
...as a "once-passionated" in western/anglosaxon/american
haiku, I recently happened to comment something similarly
"modern" - some as well excellent works by tsikori様 :
it must be my path or destiny, to have turned nearer to a
japanese mood (believe me, I say with no presumption at all),
but lately it had become so rare for me to "feel back" and
appreciate essays in such a "no-oriental" area...
...so you all friends deserve my deepest thanks, for your
collective and continuous taking me back to my most inner
(and, perhaps "better"?) side of "poet"...どうも有難う皆様。

Thank you too, dear Kamome. You are right - we all reflect light from each other as mirror, and it helps sun to return :)
...I'll pass your warm words to teengu, thank you!