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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
un Prévert sans Prévert

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どうぞすみませんお友達俳人皆様・・・I allow myself to post this "no-comment" folio
(which means there's nothing to say about, it seems to my eyes no more than a
too "mélo" and very badly done "cartoon") as a funny reply I owe to my dear
fifi 様: whoever might like to read it easierly can as usual find its text,
both in english and french version, under this same comments page.

Current Music: georges moustaki, "le métèque"

d'après Jacques Prévert:

"je suis allé au marché aux oiseaux,
et j'ai acheté des oiseaux
pour toi, mon amour...
je suis allé au marché aux fleurs,
et j'ai acheté des fleurs
pour toi, mon amour...
je suis allé au marché à la ferraille,
et j'ai acheté des chaînes,
de lourdes chaînes
pour toi, mon amour...
et puis, je suis allé au marché aux esclaves,
et je t'ai cherchée,
mais je ne t'ai pas trouvée,
mon amour"

"I went to the bird market,
and bought birds
for you, my love...
I went to the flowers market,
and bought flowers
for you, my love...
I went to the hardware market,
and bought chains,
heavy chains,
for you, my love...
then, I went to the slave market
and looked for you,
but I could not find you,
my love"

thank you, dear Kamome... I like very much this poem of Prevert... bien que... peut-etre ma memoire me trahit - mais je me le rappelle - marche DES oiseaux etc, pas aux... maybe I am not right..(((

d'ailleurs l'image lui-meme est...heum...parlante((( est-ce que je suis comme ca???

una carogna...

mais non, mon amie...such a strong word to say such a sweet girl?!?
aaah...I'll limit my comment to the text (LOL ;D) it actually is AUX.

Kamome san,
nihongo-o jibunde benkyo shita?
mada benkyo-o shite iru?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Sore wa yokatta ne!
Ja-a, ganbatte kudasai!
Nihon e zehi kite kudasai!
Nihon wa ii kuni desu! Nihonjin no tomodachiga iru to ureshii desu!
Nihon e istu kuru yotei desuka?

Watashi wa, mo sugu, kuni e kaeru...
Sotsugyo o suru yotei wa 9 gatsu no hatsuka desu kedo
totemo sabishi ku natta :(

シクシク! :( 「trust様」も、心配しないで下さい、卒業の後で
and very many thanks for this precious "extra" exercice
you allow me to have in nihongo - I'm ashamed that my
fluency is not as good as in other languages, but for
being an AUTODIDACTIC - well, I'd like to know how truly
good I am...can you really understand my japanese?

(ps: that "ISTU" does mean ITSU, isn't it?)

oh! yes, of course it is "itsu"! gomennasai!
your japanese is very nice, if not exellent!
in fact, I, myslef, have never learnt japanese language purposely (when I arrived in Japan 2 years ago we only had 2-3 months preparatory courses in order to be able to speak simple nihon go).
Waseda University (my current school) delivers lectures in english language mostly. So, my japanese is very simple, in a sense.
My PC doesn't even have japanese characters.
You must be thinking now that I haven't taken advantage of the years that I spent in Japan and haven't tried to learn this language. Well, it's true, partially because I spent more time condacting research for my master thesis.
But i promise, I will learn japanese language, somehow or other, when I return to my home country.

I would be totally pleased and helped lots,
having such an experienced and more frequently
in contact "classmate"...thanks again indeed.

sou desu, trust sama: ninengurai mae kara, watashi ha jishin
de benkyou o shiteimasu, shinsetsu na nihonjin no otomodachi no
meeru to chiisai onrain no chatto ga okagesama de - hai, mada
benkyou o shiteimasu, nijigurai mainichi (eetooo..."maiYORU" ne!),
demo hijyou ni yabo gakusei desu ne..... :(

そうです、「trust 様」・二年ぐらい前から、私は自身で勉強をしています、
はい、まだ勉強をしています、二時ぐらい毎日 (ええとおー、「毎夜」ね!)、