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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
dream window

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


kangae wa
mado o akeru to
yume ni naru

my thoughts change to dreams - as I open this window

Current Music: pink floyd, "the great gig in the sky"

Kamome sama, you live in paradise – or at least the place looks like it. This morning my heart flew out of my chest, trough your window, and melted in that peaceful and calm turquoise of your sea…

yes it is, summerki 様: the balcony of God - and I am so glad
that my weak white wings could find in this morning so a good
strenght as to take your heart high out of my dreamy window...

a seagul's cry - through the open window, capturing my soul forever.

hi, Kamome-SAMA!!

oh, 「フィフィ様」・・・but I have no chains so strong
as to tie here your beautiful soul , if not something
like the small folio I'm going to post only for you:
would you mind having a quick look at it?...thank you

Ahh! This picture fetches so many wonderful dreams! Beautiful colors of the sea, and an inviting dock, Kamome sama!

lonely sale
in the blue mist
new dreams


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Oh, yes, of course! Sorry for the typo :-)))

lonely sail
in the blue mist
new dreams


thank you, origa sama...inviting and soothing, isn't it? aaah...
(ps: I think you fingered SAIL instead or SALE, am I right?
please forgive me for underlining, it's not meant to be presumption)

Oh, no need to apologise, Kamome sama -- thanks for catching it! :-)

Che bellezza.

grazie, irisha sama - as I have recently told you,
Beauty lives, first of all, in beautiful eyes...

I remember :)

Oh so many dreams
rippling on the wave crests;
through an open gate...

What a beautiful image and poem.....P

it is nice to lean together at the same window,
and see our dreams sailing down that skyline...