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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
le balcon de Dieu

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"...no, Time, thou shall not boast that I do change..." (shakespeare, sonnets, CXXIII)

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I don’t know how to say what I have in my mind and heart right now – I’ve been having a friend in visit to my house
and country this last week, and I usually changed myself to the hyperfunctional (and may I also say "hyperuseful", for
I can naturally show what tourists do NEVER see, take my people where they CANNOT go...?) guide to our Beauties:
this, as you can obviously see, is NOT one of them...just my toad face mumbleing on a meridiana in Villa Cimbrone’s
(Ravello) incredible gardens – where "le balcon de Dieu", God’s balcony, hangs on the most impervious cliff a man can
imagine to find, along such a walk...you step up and down and around, you run along paths of flowers and trees from
everywhere, you smell perfumes and colours...and SUDDENLY you get to an absolute OUT-OF-THE-WORLD: I hope you
will forgive me, but I’ve decided to post all the photos in the comments’ page, for I'm afraid they will be too big - so,
would you please mind make a little effort and jump over this endless unuseful speech, just click below the page on its
right side, and come in?...


...this is where "the balcony" is: you can see it up above that rocky ridge over the smallest Atrani...

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...and here you are some of the images – oh, not all, I couldn’t compress in a simple camera ALL that!...:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

...I can’t do - nor show, nor say - anything else (more?) to invite you all here – come breathe Heavens, my dear ones...

夜かもめ  「鴎庵」

It's beyond beautiful....lack of words to describe!

I am speechless! Breathtaking beauty! So much history in your ancient city. Rich in culture, and scenery! It could turn an oridnary person into a mad poet! Yes, it is heaven on earth! I have no words to describe the architecture. Simpy stunning!

ehem...would you quit calling yourself a toad?

thank you, Gabbi, thank you VERY much for taking us on an instant tour via the internet.

how to describe
the extraordinary
with ordinary words?

Re: It's beyond beautiful....lack of words to describe!

oh well....okee', Ma'am....CROAK CROAK!...


Is that a sun dial of some sort where you are standing by? Ehem...I see the ciggy in your hand too.

YAPP!...yes, it's an ancient arab meridiana: Villa Cimbrone was built in Ravello
and filled with spectacular PIECES found here or coming from no matter where in
space and time - but most of the architectures and so on were here since the
beginning...c'mon, make up your mind, collect that Kentucky Funny an'get a plane!

perche CAZZO non mi compare la tua pagina quando guardo i miei friends??? e non e' la prima volta! riesco a vedere i tuoi nuovi post solo se vado direttamente sulla tua pagina! e sciocco...(((
altrimenti e' molto riuscita la foto del rospo:-))) e anche della costiera Amalfitana!)))))))))

...e che ne so?...magari non mi ci hai
messo, tra i tuoi friends - YUK YUK!...



you look beautiful/handsome.

oh oh..OUCH!, are you sure you don't need to see a GOOD optician? LOL!

now i see them :)


YUK! yes, isn't it?...and I bet your ravioli are as well!,
Nadine seems to be EGYPTICALLY satisfied with them too!


Oh, looks like you added one more picture. YOU do look VERY handsome in this pose. Nice pony tail and earings. Very cool! :-)

yes, I hadn't noticed there was one more pic in my friend's
camera: two is better than one, ain't it so?.......YUK YUK!

thanks so much for these great photos of the ever-handsome you and the gorgeous view!!!

seeing all those private places that tourists do not see is a special treat :) makes my heart long to come!!!

...oh c'mon, jump on that plane, you Lazy Kentucky Lady!

"...no, Time, thou shall not boast that I do change..." (shakespeare, sonnets, CXXIII

Ubi dubrium ibi libertas!

~Latin Proverb

heee heee heee!.... (;-P

It is very regrettable to be not able to stand beside you.
If I could stand side by side with you, I could see and smell
and breath the air that is now surrounding you.
Thank you, Kamone san for your sharing me with finest feeling
of your country. Bra boo it's paradise!!


hai, sakuo sensei...this place is missing you since too a long time, NE!

Le foto sono veramente molto belle... ma ora mi voglio "sfogare": SEI ASSOLUTAMENTE UN VANESIOOOO!! VERGOGNA!! LOL! ;-D)) nei primi scatti davanti alla meridiana se non fosse per la sigaretta, la posa da statua ellenica c'è tutta!! E poi adirittura una citazione da William Shakespeare... non ho parole... Grazie! ;-)

infatti - come TUTTI (ih ih ih!) i maschietti sono assolutamente
vanitoso...e non me ne vergogno per niente, voilà! quanto poi al
buon william, beh - concedimi almeno la (magra) soddisfazione di
credere a questi versi!

I have **dreamed** of being in a place like this, where the beautiful buildings hug the sides of the steep hills, above the water! So gorgeous! Thank you so much for the lovely tour! It makes me feel like I have wings.

"...it makes me feel..." ????

but YOU HAVE wings, like me and all the Flying Dreamers!